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369 Manifestation Method Example & How To Manifest Your Desire

According to the Law of Attraction, our thoughts can directly affect our reality. There are a couple of techniques we can employ to raise our vibrational energies and create desired reality, and manifestation is among those techniques.

The 369 manifestation method is becoming popular on Tik Tok, popping up in many Tik Tok content videos. The idea is based on the belief that “if you know the magnificence of 3, 6, and 9, you will have a key to the universe.”

Now is the time to look at our 369 manifestation method examples, steps to do it correctly, and tips to successfully manifest your desire.

  1. What Is The 369 Manifestation Method?
  2. How To Use The 369 Manifestation Method
  3. 369 Manifestation Method Examples
  4. Tips To Successfully Apply The 369 Manifestation Method
  5. Conclusion

What Is The 369 Manifestation Method?

Nikola Tesla, a renowned inventor, first came up with the idea that 3, 6, and 9 were spiritually powerful numbers for manifesting.

The Law of Attraction is the fundamental of the 369 practice, which claims that people attract what they pay attention to.

Wishcraft’s author and also a hypnotist, Shauna Cummins, adds that you could assist your brain in finding what it’s searching for by concentrating on the thing you desire. This way, you can magnetize your wishes into action.

In particular, the method requires practitioners to write a statement three times, six times, and nine times respectively in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

It sounds easy, but there is a reason behind these numbers, whose numerology is significant. The number 3 directly connects you to the source of the universe, six speaks for the strength inside you, and nine motivates you to get over the past and get rid of any self-doubt you have.

The 369 practice works by encouraging our energetic vibration via the positive affirmations’ repetition. It’s perfect for those who can insist on a set routine when manifesting.

How To Use The 369 Manifestation Method

369 is many people’s preferred method as it doesn’t require much time or much understanding. If it’s your first time practicing manifestations, our five easy and less time-consuming steps are worth trying.

Step 1: Pick One Thing You Want Manifest

First, you need to think about the thing you want to manifest. There are probably millions of wishes you want to turn into existence.

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But as many experienced practitioners, the quickest way to achieve your ambition is to concentrate on one desire at one time.

You need to know your ambitions to enchanter it into reality, print out a 369 manifestation technique template, and note down what you wish to manifest now.

For instance, if love is what you’re looking for, write down this phrase at the top of the paper, “I want a beautiful relationship.”

Clarifying what you exactly want helps with coming up with a relevant affirmation to your current situation.

Step 2: Choose Your Affirmation

A critical step in manifestation-making is to choose an affirmation supporting your desire. You might wonder how to know the right affirmation to manifest.

Our tip on choosing the best affirmation is to stick to the 3 Ps rule: present, personal, and positive. Affirmations only have a chance to work if you think of them positively, write in the present tense, and make them about you.

Above all, that affirmation should please you.

According to the Law of Attraction, something like a magnet draws energies in vibrational alignment toward each other.

So, a high vibration will help you attract more positive outcomes.

Let’s continue with the previous example. A possible affirmation of love could be, “Being in a loving and committed relationship is so good.”

Step 3: Follow Number 3

Now, we’ll head to the most important part of the 369 method – follow the numbers 3, 6, and 9. Let’s start with number 3. You’ll need to write the chosen affirmation three times in the morning after waking up.

You can write your affirmation three times on the compiled manifestation template or write it digitally – pick whichever way you find comfortable.

Please remember to stick to your morning routine tightly. There will be more miracles throughout the day.

Morning is the ideal time for involving your desire in vibrational alignment as you’ve just slept through the night in a non-resistant state.

The moment you open your eyes, the energy inside you is in a neutral state. It means that you stand a chance to reduce your vibration by supporting negativity or stimulate your vibration by supporting positivity.

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Step 4: Follow Number 6

In this step, you’ll need to write the affirmation six times in the afternoon. This act enables you to get rid of negative energies accumulated during the morning and turn back to vibrational alignment.

To make the 369 manifestation method work most effectively, we recommend saying the affirmation aloud so you can hear it and following up with a short visualization meditation.

The meditation will allow you to channel the affirmation like it already came true.

Now is the time to let positive messages encourage your energies. Imagine how wonderful it is as if your affirmation has already been true.

Let fresh vibrational emotions enter your mind, body, and spirit.

Step 5: Follow Number 9

Writing the affirmation nine times before hitting the hay is the last step to doing the 369 manifestation method. Remember that even when you are asleep, you will still manifest your reality.

According to the Law of Vibration, everything in this universe includes energy that vibrates at a certain frequency. And energies vibrating at a similar frequency will lean toward each other.

It means even though you’re unconscious of everything when sleeping, the energy inside you is still active, vibrating, and appealing to its likeness.

Thus, you can raise an energetic vibration before you hit the sack by writing the affirmation nine times.

369 Manifestation Method Examples

If you’re struggling to form a phrase, take our examples into consideration. We suggest writing the phrase down as if it has already come true:

  • I feel grateful and happy that I have obtained three A marks in my final exams.
  • I love my new career as a doctor, and I feel so out of this world that I can do my dream job.
  • My Youtube channel has hit 100,000 plus subscriptions this week, and I can not wait to go on exceeding that number.
  • I am healthy and happy, and I always have my friends and family nearby me.
  • I joined a job interview that a foreign company offered me and successfully achieved it, and I feel so grateful.
  • My mother is healthy and strong, and she always smiles so beautifully without any sorrow.
  • I bought a new house, and this new shelter is beautiful, cozy, and suits me perfectly.
  • My dog grows up strong and safe, and he can recover from the current disease very well.
  • My boyfriend proposes to me, and I feel over the moon when I see him kneeling and giving me a ring.
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Tips To Successfully Apply The 369 Manifestation Method

  • Be grateful for the thing you’re receiving.

Gratitude is useful for manifesting since it generates an abundant state within us, changing our mindset.

Merely concentrating on what you are thankful for happening in your life will create an awareness that your wish is fulfilled, and that you are healthy and safe.

  • Before starting to write, imagine your manifestation method already works.

Note that your manifestation refers to the things you’re receiving, not the things you may receive. Based on the law of attraction, you need to assume your manifestations have already come true.

  • Feel and raise the emotions that you involve in the manifestation.

To successfully manifest your desire, you have to match your vibration and energy to the extent of the reality you’re desiring.

  • Try to shorten or lengthen your manifestation to make it take 17 seconds to write.

Immersed in pure thoughts for 17 seconds is the key point of manifestation. If you maintain a thought in your mind for 17 seconds, you can somehow propel that manifestation.

This rule’s purpose is to make you think purely and innocently for a certain time and make your desire more powerful until it approaches 68 seconds.


Generally, the 369 manifestation method is fascinating to concentrate on the things you desire and make them happen.

Our 369 manifestation method example should have shown you clearly how to write an affirmation. You can use this technique for many different subjects, from jobs, and relationships to vacations and health.

Learning to manifest is not as difficult as you think. Spiritually, it is possible to make dreams come true by your own ability since anybody has power and motivation within them.

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