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Patience Park is the CEO of Your Mind Your Body, a website that helps people catch their partners cheating. She is also a professional psychologist, working as a family therapist. Patience loves reading psychological books and knowing herself better than anyone else. She is warm and friendly and always looks out for the best interests of those around her.
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TikTok Cheating: You’ll Be Shocked at How Easy It Is to Catch Someone

Signs Cheating On TikTok They’re suddenly spending more time on TikTok They’re being more secretive with their phone They’re working late more often They’re spending less time with you They’ve changed their appearance They’re being secretive They’ve lost interest in sex They’ve become more argumentative They’ve stopped doing things for you They’ve become more distant […]

Patience Park 
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Signs of Emotional Affairs at Work: Launching an Investigation

Signs of Emotional Affairs at Work They’re spending more time at work than usual They’re dressing up more for work They’re talking about a coworker a lot They’re working late more often They’re taking longer lunch breaks They’re being secretive about their work They’re suddenly very interested in their appearance They’re spending less time with […]

Patience Park